Start-Up Saturdays: Glitter…as a Service?

All the start-ups I’ve covered for my “Start-Up Saturdays” series have all been pretty tech focused: the Mink 3D Printer, Scio: The Revolutionary Pocket Molecular Scanner and Siren: The “Anti-Creep” Dating App.

But this start-up is different. It’s a downright ridiculous idea. Read More.

New Year, New Quarter, New Goals

It’s two weeks into the year but Happy New Year, everyone! How’s everyone’s new year’s resolution list looking? I’ve never been a big fan of New Year resolutions but I do like the feeling of a fresh start that comes with a New Year. And so, this year, I came up with a short list of “goals.” Read More.

Start Up Saturdays: Siren, The “Anti-Creep” Dating App

“What is ugly?”

This is the question that CEO of Siren Mobi and today’s Creative Morning event speaker, Susie Lee tackled yesterday. What an ironic question to answer for an artist! But Susie tackled the question with incredible finesse and wittiness:

Read More.

5 Annoying Questions Graduating College Seniors are Asked

I never got to experience senior year in high school, because I opted to skip it for the college program that brought me to Seattle University in the first place. But even if I had a high school senior year, I don’t think I would be bombarded with as many of the questions I’ve listed below. Back then, the expectation was that I’d attend a university and major in something. It was always just a question of which university and which major.

But now that the end of my college experience is approaching, the questions I get from people have become frustrating and daunting. They’re just such big questions to ask and it’s only fall quarter, everyone. Read More.

How We Should Move Forward from the Ferguson Case Decision


Here’s my two cents about all the coverage on the Ferguson case decision that was announced today.

Today, the Ferguson case decision was made public to people all over the country via the news and social media. Imagine, people all over the country are aware of the injustice that occurred in Missouri.

That is so powerful…so awe-inspiring. Read More.

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