Top Ten Highlights of Spring Break 2015

It’s been about a little over a week since I returned from my Spring Break vacation in San Francisco. My last few days were filled with plenty of beach visits, restaurant hunting and mingling with the locals. It was a chill last few days so instead of recapping my adventures, I thought I’d sum up this series on my California adventures with a list of my Spring Break 2015 highlights:

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Day 5: Feelin’ Like a San Francisco Local

On Monday, my friend, Veronica and her roommates returned to school, meaning I had the chance to go on a solo adventure around the city. By this time, I felt I had a good grip on the public transportation system and that I had explored many of the most of the “must-see” spots on my list. I was also exhausted from having early starts and long days of walking around. So I gave myself a chill day, slept in a little longer than I had been and woke up to this view.

The Richmond District is a beautiful residential neighborhood. And I love waking up to sunny days.

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Day 4: Coit Tower & The Castro

On Sunday, I planned to venture off on my own to meet up with my Seattle University friend, Jaime, a San Francisco native. Read More.

Day 3: Good Food & Pretty Views

The major theme of my Spring Break trip to San Francisco is good food and pretty views. That, and the fact I am developing calves of steel in the process of trekking to the various places where good food and pretty views reside.

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Day 2: Exploring East San Francisco as a Tourist

The east side of San Francisco is very different than the west side. The west is quiet, filled with beaches, parks and lots of houses while the east side is the city, booming with life, tourists walking in all directions and cars on every corner.

I spent most of my second day in the east and attempted to do some of the typical tourist activities:  Read More.

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