Identity Renewal: A Side Project

I haven’t been blogging much because my offline life has been emotionally draining. Why? I’ve been re-evaluating my identity. Read More.

My Summer 2015 Growing Pains

My previous posts about my upcoming move to Brooklyn have painted my transition as an easy and exciting change. When in reality, this summer has been a summer of growing pains. As excited as I am, this summer has been a heavy one.

So here’s the other side of how feel about the move (with the use of GIFs to keep this post somewhat light-hearted):

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One Door Closes, Another Opens

It’s been a long time since my last post. In the time since I last wrote, I graduated from college with two undergraduate degrees: one in Humanities and another in Strategic Communications. Four years of hard work is over…already. I never believed the college seniors I met who told me “Cherish your time in college, it goes by fast.”

It does. It still feels like just yesterday when I walked onto my college campus for summer orientation. Read More.

Senior Secrets: Spring Quarter Tidbits

As my final quarter at Seattle University quickly comes to a close, I’m spending my last few weeks juicing my time as a college student, perusing the streets of Seattle and seeking out new experiences. Between attending classes, working, interning, organizing club leadership efforts and attempting to maintain a social life, it’s been a challenge to write about these experiences separately. So I’m clumping them together in several “Spring Quarter Tidbits” posts.

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Event Recap: An Evening with Eddie Huang

Last night, I missed the season finale of “Fresh Off the Boat” to drive out to the University of Washington with some friends and meet the real Eddie Huang, bestselling author of book that inspired the ABC Family show. What an ironic coincidence that the event conflicted with the finale’s release.

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